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Olde Sun Inn -History

1765 - John Poole is the first recorded landlord; Richard Adams, John Chapman and John Deval are all named in an indenture as previous occupants, but no dates remain. Poole’s license was witnessed by J.P’s Churchill, Andrews and Wilkinson.

1791 - William Law became tenant, taking a lease of £30 p.a. from John Poole who died a pauper in the parish in 1799.

1800 - James Newman paid a guarantee of £20 for his license, with a £10 surety, provided by Thomas Hurst, also of Nether Heyford.

1827 - Thomas Cole ran the alehouse, known then simply as “The Sun”. The village population stood at only 264 in 1801 but had expanded to 507 by 1831.

1847 - Samuel Cole succeeded Thomas, with a licence demanding that no Bull, Bear or Badger-Baiting, nor cock-fighting was to be allowed in the premises.

1854 - James Walton held the license, the only one in the village.

1866 - George Attwood began his long tenancy of 40 years. He combined inn-keeping with his trade as a tailor.

1906 - Albert Eales was landlord at a time when the main village landowners were Mrs Fermyn Brooks, the corporation of the Sons of the Clergy, the Trustees of Thomas Starmer Esq”, and the Crawley and Judkins families.

1910 - Stephen H Capell combined the alehouse with a butcher’s shop, Leonard Jones, a boat builder and repairer operated at Heyford Wharf.

1914 - James Wright became licensee, assisted by his wife Hannah, who continued later to run the Inn alone for a while.

1924 - George Civil was the first Phipps tenant at a time when Sir Charles Valentine Knightley, Bart., B.A., D.L., J.P., was lord of the manor.

1947 - Albert Garrett began a short tenancy while Joseph Oliver Adams Esq, was the major Nether Heyford landowner. 

1951 – William George Hefford.

1954 – Robert Thomas Davies.

1969 – Beatrice, Davies’ widow.

1970 – John Hay.

1975 – Kenneth John Cooke, the 21st recorded landlord, came to the historic Old Sun.

1997 – October, Geoffrey Robert Allen and son James Robert Allen became landlords.

2005 – Pete Yates and Alan Ford took over the licence, with a few brief changes Pete is                still the current licensee.


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Nether Heyford


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